Perception at its best

These past couple of months have been fun and I hope all you bloggians have enjoyed my little titbits of information and nuisance. If I had to break it down into one theme from all these different posts it would definitely be perception.

Creating my own map and this going on an adventure:

Atmosphere and how it defines our look on reality:

Friendly faces and how we can perceive family:

Getting lost in an area where we think we know our surroundings until you take the time to intentionally get lost:

And finally, being able to step into a world that is not our own and explore what the true meaning of ‘a bugs life’ really is:

So, for me, this really has been a journey of perception.

From Stelarc to Richard Hamilton, how we look at reality and perception changes day to day. We may not see ‘practical art’ in museums and art gallery’s everyday but we do experience it in our every day perception.

Whether it be in our surroundings, the nature around us or even the smile on our families faces, art is everywhere all we have to do is look to find it.

I hope that by viewing this blog you have perhaps taken a different understanding of your own personal universe and delved into the unknown.

A Forgotten Date

If you watched the short clip … and I hope you did otherwise the rest of this post will make no sense … you’ll notice the atmosphere is pretty tense for the first half and then harmonised at the end when all is well.

To set up the anniversary date I used low lighting via lamp and a small intimate table with fine china placed on it to recognise the importance and romantic inclinations of the location.


The space was small once again because of intimacy and the sound portrays the old Charlie Chaplin black and white era and through this all the emotion was carried out with facial expressions and body imagery.

It was a lot of fun to create and massive thanks to my sister who put up with playing two characters and all that make-up!

*insert pirate growl and squawking bird here

Make a map!

That was the exercise! Make a map, any map – just as long as it communicates directions.

My initial response you ask?


grace map

Pirate maps are the best maps ever created, not only do they look cool but generally they led to some kind of wealth at the end of the journey – unlike those pesky rainbows that never live up to expectations.

Feel free to try and use it, I don’t really have any treasure though so at the end you’ll probably only find a Pokémon card.

Ever gotten lost in your own neighbourhood?


When looking at these two collages for the first time, your reaction should be something along the lines of “Oh! What a jumbles!” and you are indeed right!

I was given an adventure for a project. Create a paper aeroplane throw it, go in the direction it landed and then at each new road first turn left, then right at the next corner, go down two more streets turn left again and then after 100 more meters turn around and start again on a different route.

These photos are a mass collection of each new corner or street that I took. Personally it was just an excuse to get lost in an area that I thought I knew well, until I got lost trying to find my way home.

For example I had no idea that there were a small bunch of shops a couple of streets over than my house! Also that practically every second owner of homes had a dog, most were friendly … some were not.

I recommend it to all you readers out there, go get lost in your own neighbourhood, have a small adventure! At the very least your bum and thighs will thankyou for all that non-sequential exercise you did along the way!

Bugs, Grubs and where to find them

When given the assignment of going and looking into a part of my house that I have never seen before, I figured why go and give myself a pre-emptive hay fever attack from what I’m sure would be dust bunny heaven, when instead I can go and explore what nature has provided me – the small over grown forest that is my backyard!

I potted around for a bit, wading through the vast majority of waist high grass – and I came to one of my old ‘projects’, a blue pot with a lovely bunch of flowers that had sprung up in welcome of spring.


A little grub and bug heaven if you will. It has everything – pink flowers for the view, leaves when they feel like a snack and lots of cover to avoid birds.

Personally I think any bug would be happy to live here!

I must find the lawn mower for all that grass!

A Soundscape

How would you best describe a colour to a person who was blind?

Would it be by feeling? Sensation? Sound?

I decided to take on the colour ‘Blue’. In doing so I asked some friends and family what they associate the colour blue with. Here are some of their answers:
The Sky,
The Ocean,
Fish tank bubbles,
Feeling cold – like the chill from the wind

So when I finally managed to acquire a few of these sounds, the colour blue sounded a little like this …

Unfortunately when I tried to upload a mp3 or mp4 the file was not accepted, however after a little fiddling I went to Youtube for help, so here it is …

It may all just sound like a jumble of mixed placed sounds, but when you break it down and you really think about the visual image these sounds give you, the colour blue starts to appear in the images you imagine.

So when your next outside, close your eyes and ‘see’ if you can view the world in the colour of your minds eye.

“Image Project” – A Family Portrait

So it turned out that the previous Collage I posted was just a warm up for this freaky picture.
I decided to use some of the women of my family this time around. Starting with a picture of myself from my first day of kindergarten. I then added my gran, my nan, my mum, my sister and because she is also female … my cat.

This is mostly based off of Richard Hamilton’s photo “Study for a fashion plate – 1969”:

study-for-a-fashion-plate-1969 Richard Hamilton

For the background I worked with the colour palette of the Hat from my kindergarten image.
For the bloggians out there viewing this photo, don’t look too closely, you might burn your eye balls 😀

Family Faces FINAL


Well it was the 90’s, back then that hat was a fashion do!